Yard Fence Made Out Of Old Doors

Do you want to define your yard uniquely?

We are going to present to you a great recycle project – fences made out of old doors.

Old and useless wooden doors can be turned into quite nice-looking fences.

Ask your friends to contribute that idea by bringing to you all the doors they don’t need anymore.

Go to garage sales, cues and similar to get the needed doors almost for free.

The more different they are, the better the result would be. You would create a beautiful and unforgettable accent in your yard.

Also, that fence is multipurpose – it is decorative, it creates privacy, it isolates from interlopers.

Upcycling materials is a great way to spend your spare time. It is also great if you would like to create something which will cost you less and yet will be practical and useful enough.

You can include doors of various sizes and appearance – church doors, school doors, cabinet doors, simple interior doors, etc.

You can install them in a cement foundation or support them with posts in the ground.

The hardest part is to attach the doors together; rest is the same as you install a regular privacy fence. Here are the project steps for building the old doors yard fence.

How To Build Yard Fence From Old Doors

Step 1

Lay the doors on a flat surface. Dismantle all hardware like hinges, handles, latch bracket, nails. Then smooth the areas that need flushing.

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